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This list details all Society library books, libretti and scores in alphabetical order by author. The final numbers in italics refer to the topic category given to each book.

Ainger, Michael
Gilbert and Sullivan: a dual biography
0195147693       2.1

Allen, Reginald
An Anniversary Survey and Exhibition Checklist 1963
v1844059      6.3

Allen, Reginald
Sir Arthur Sullivan, Composer and Personage
081598049x      6.3

Allen, Reginald
The First Night Gilbert and Sullivan, Centennial 1975
0903443104     1.21

Allen, Reginald
Gilbert & Sullivan in America 
The Story of the First D’Oyly Carte Opera Company Tour
Pierpoint Morgan Library New York 1979   1.42

Archer, Frank
An Actor’s Notebook
y5330765      5.3

Asimov Isaac
Asimov’s annotated Gilbert & Sullivan:
an original interpretation of the world’s best-loved light opera.
Text by William Schwenck Gilbert; notes by Isaac Asimov
9780385239158     1.21

Ayre, Leslie
The Gilbert and Sullivan Companion
0491008325      1.22

Baddeley, Geoffrey
The Geoids: fifty years of entertainment
by the Geoids Amateur Operatic Society 1930-1980    1.59

Baily, Leslie
Gilbert and Sullivan and Their World
0500130469     1.1

Baily, Leslie
The Gilbert and Sullivan Book
v1844131     1.1

Bancroft, Squire
Empty Chairs
z1767821     5.3

Barrington, Rutland
More Rutland Barrington by Himself
v1844148     1.61

Barrington, Rutland
Rutland Barrington by Himself
y8786394     1.61

Bathurst, David
Here’s a pretty mess! – a new guide to Gilbert & Sullivan opera
for the amateur performer and enthusiast
0952393654     1.71

A G. & S. Cocktail (vocal score)
v1845722     1.33

Bell, Diana
The Complete Gilbert and Sullivan
1555214401     1.1

Benford, Harry
A Gilbert and Sullivan Lexicon
0823904369      6.1

Benford, Harry
The Gilbert and Sullivan Lexicon in which is gilded the philosophic pill,
featuring new illustrations and the complete libretto for The Zoo. 2nd ed.
0931781086     6.1

Bennett, Joseph
Forty Years of Music 1865-1905
x350822x      5.3

Bond, Jessie with MacGeorge, Ethel
The Life and Reminiscences of Jessie Bond
v1844154      1.61

Bradley, Ian
Oh joy!  Oh rapture!
0195328949     1.41

Bradley, Ian
Lost chords and Christian soldiers
9780334044215     4.3

Bradley, Ian
Arthur Sullivan: a life of divine emollient 
9780198863267     2.3

Bradley, Ian (ed.)
The annotated Gilbert & Sullivan: original two-volume edition
Vol 1/0140708480 Vol II/0140708499     1.21

Bradley, Ian (ed.)
The complete annotated Gilbert & Sullivan: first combined edition
019816503x     1.21

Bradley, Ian (ed.)
The complete annotated Gilbert & Sullivan: 20th anniversary edition including Thespis
9780199392421    1.21

Bradstock, Lillian
W.S. Gilbert, Savoyard Scrapbook
v1844616     1.25

Bradstock, Lillian
Pooh-Bah and Gilbert and Sullivan
A0055785     1.25

Bradstock, Lillian
Gilbert and Sullivan
v1845107    1.25

Brahms, Caryl
Gilbert and Sullivan: lost chords and discords
0297769367     1.1

Browne, Edith
W.S. Gilbert
v1844160     2.2

Burgess, A.J. The Notary and other lawyers
in Gilbert and Sullivan
0952559412     1.9

Burnard, Françoise (libretto)
Cox and Box
x3296107     4.2

Cadiz Topp, Elizabeth
Deep indigo: Lady Dorothy D’Oyly Carte and St Yves de Verteuil in Tobago, 1933-1978
9781777342708      2.4

Canwell, Diane & Sutherland, Jonathan
Pocket guide to Gilbert and Sullivan
9781844681037     1.1

Carr, C.
The Beauty Stone (with Sullivan, A. & Pinero, A.)
x3561420     4.2

Cellier, Alfred & Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
The Mountebanks
v1844987      3.5

Cellier, Alfred (Vocal score)
The Mountebanks
x2614516     3.5

Chapple, Kevin and Thorne Jane (Eds)
Reflected Light: The Story of the Savoy Theatre
Dewynters plc 1993   1.41

Cellier, François & Bridgeman, C
Gilbert, Sullivan and D’Oyly Carte
w9898310     1.8

Charendoff, Sydney
The beginnings of Bab: early pen and ink drawings…
097816170x     3.2

Clarke, Jeff
Borrowed Light: 15 years on the road with Opera della Luna
9780956769404     1.53

Clarke, Jeff
Borrowed Light 2: Another ten years on the road with Opera della Luna.
97981800491212     1.53

Cohen, Monica F.
Pirating Factions: ownership and creativity in nineteenth-century popular culture
9780813940694     5.2

Compton, V.
Scenes & Songs from the Savoy Operas
v18443384     1.22

Cox-Ife, William
How to sing both Gilbert and Sullivan
b610775     1.74

Cox-Ife, William
Training the Gilbert and Sullivan Chorus
b5504295    1.74

Cox-Ife, William
W.S. Gilbert, Stage Director
0234772069     1.71

Crowther, Andrew  
Gilbertiana: Selections from the works of W.S. Gilbert
Musical Collectables 1999   3.1

Crowther, Andrew (Ed)
The Triumph of Vice – WSG Short Stories
9781847497543     3.3

Crowther, Andrew
Contradiction Contradicted: the plays of W. S. Gilbert
0838638392     3.4

Crowther, Andrew
Gilbert of Gilbert & Sullivan: his life and character
0752455893     2.2

D’Oyly Carte
D’Oyly Carte Centenary Souvenir 1875-1975
y8022892    1.42

D’Oyly Carte
The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company: a transcription of their visits to Warrington 1882-1923
M0045892CL     1.42

D’Oyly Carte Opera Trust
Savoyard magazine Vols. 1-21 in 5 binders     6.6

Dark, Sydney & Grey, Rowland
W.S. Gilbert, His Life and Letters
v1844177     2.2

Darlington, W.
The World of Gilbert and Sullivan
b5111375     1.1

Davidson, G.
Stories from Gilbert and Sullivan
b5215563    1.25

Davis, R. G.
In Defence of Gilbert’s Ladies
v184425x     1.9

Dillard, Philip H.
How quaint the ways of paradox! - an annotated Gilbert & Sullivan bibliography
0810824450     6.2

Dillard, Philip H.
Sir Arthur Sullivan: a resource book.
9780810837570      6.2

Dixon, Geoffrey
Gilbert & Sullivan: The Journal 56-year index covering the years 1925-1981 vols. 1-10.
095255321x     6.5

Dixon, Geoffrey
The Gilbert and Sullivan Photo finder: an index to published illustrations of Savoy Opera
0952553201     6.2

Dixon, Geoffrey
The Gilbert & Sullivan Sorting System
0952553236    6.2

Dixon, Geoffrey
The Gilbert & Sullivan Concordance
Garland Press 1987
ISBN 0 8240 8505 1   6.1

Dockray, Keith and Sutton, Alan
The Topsy Turvy World of Gilbert & Sullivan
9781781557761     1.1

Dodds, James
The early years, 1936-1969, or, the Australia Hall era of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of South Australia.     1.56

Downes, Peter
A Gilbert and Sullivan man: the musical life of Harry Norris
9780473285036     1.61

Downey, Edmund
Twenty Years Ago
t3141965    1.8

Downs, Harold (ed.)
Theatre and Stage D. Graham Davis on roles, Vol II, p 675)
35005363    1.71

Dramatic Notes 1883-1885
Reviews and illustrations of Princess Ida & The Mikado. Also, revival of The Sorcerer, and children’s The Pirates of Penzance.
976711     1.8

Drummond Sharp, Keith
Bouffonnerie Musicale: the story of H.B. Farnie
9780956709004    5.3

Dunhill, Thomas F.
Sullivan’s comic operas
x9099129     1.8

Dunn, George
A Gilbert and Sullivan Dictionary
836027426     6.2

Eden, David
Gilbert and Sullivan: the creative conflict
0838632823     1.9

Eden, David
W.S. Gilbert: appearance and reality
0950734861     2.2

Eden, David
A Tale of Two Kidnaps
Sir Arthur Sullivan Society 1988   2.2

Eden, David and Sarema (Eds.)
The Cambridge Companion to Gilbert & Sullivan
0521716594     1.9

Ellis, James (Ed.)
The Bab Ballads
0674058003     3.2

Ellis, James (ed)
Papers presented at the International Conference held at the University of Kansas in May 1970
v77633975     6.4

Ernill, Paul
Manchester & Liverpool Library researches – newspaper report source index aka
Notes from Manchester Newspapers – notes based on a trawl of Manchester and Liverpool Newspapers between 1864 and 1877 provide details of Frederic and Arthur
Sullivan’s visits to Manchester prior to 1875 and the acclaim given to Trial by Jury in 1875/6.     1.8

Eshelby, Robert
D’Oyly Carte and Me
9798845892621      1.61

Farrar, Maurice
The Gilbert & Sullivan Alphabet of Artistes: a performance record of D’Oyly Carte personnel, 1875-1982
0952553228    1.61

Finck, Herman & Wylie, Lauri
A “G.&S”. Cocktail (vocal score)
v1845722    1.33

Finck, Herman & Wylie, Lauri
A “G.&S.” Cocktail (libretto)
v1844651    1.24

Findon, B.
Sir Arthur Sullivan
v1844266    2.3

Fischler, Adam
Modified Rapture: Comedy in W.S. Gilbert’s Savoy Operas
0813913349    1.9

Fitz-Gerald, S. J. Adair
The Story of the Savoy Opera
v184512x     1.8

Fitzgerald, Percy
The Savoy Operas
t3102439     1.8

Gänzl, Kurt
Gilbert & Sullivan: The Players and the Plays
9781438485454    1.61

Gatcliff, E
Savoy Stories
0522836119    1.25

Geis, Darlene
The Gilbert and Sullivan Operas – The Book of the Brent Walker Videos
0810909847     1.58

Gilbert and Sullivan Society
An Operatic Glossary
v1845343     6.1

Gilbert and Sullivan Society Journal
Volumes 1-10 (February 1925 – Spring 1981) plus 56-year index by Geoffrey Dixon
116918     6.5 
Gilbert, W. S.
The Complete Gilbert & Sullivan. Ed. By Ed Glinert with a preface by Mike Leigh.
0713998601     1.22

Gilbert, W.S.
The Bab Ballads – a new selection                                                                                           With Introduction and notes by Andrew Crowther Renard Press 2023                           ISBN 9781804470664   3.2

Gilbert, W.S.
The Bab Ballads (edited by James Ellis)
0674058003    3.2

Gilbert, W.S.
The Savoy Operas (+ 2 vol. set: V.I /b6215903, V II/b6306013)
0333069013     1.22

Gilbert, W.S. 
The Savoy Operas - 2 Volumes
Oxford University Press 1962/3   1.22

Gilbert, W.S.
Original Plays, 1st Series
v1844993     3.4

Gilbert, W.S.
Original Plays, 2nd Series
v1845001     3.4

Gilbert, W.S.
Original Plays, 3rd Series
v1845018     3.4

Gilbert, W.S.
Original Plays, 4th Series (2 copies)
v1845099    3.4

Gilbert, W.S.
The Bab Ballads
y7892438     3.2

Gilbert, W.S.
More Bab Ballads
v1844504     3.2

Gilbert, W.S.
Fifty Bab Ballads
v1844289     3.2

Gilbert, W.S.
Lost Bab Ballads (edited by Townley Searle)
x5148701    3.2

Gilbert, W.S.
Songs of a Savoyard
027023197     1.22

Gilbert, W.S.
His Excellency
v1845739     3.5

Gilbert, W.S.
A Colossal Idea (edited by Townley Searle)
v1844272    3.4

Gilbert, W.S.
Fifty Bab Ballads (illustrated edition)
x5547973    3.2

Gilbert, W.S.
Patience (illustrated by Russell Flint)
v1844622      1.27

Gilbert, W.S.
Iolanthe (illustrated by Russell Flint)
v1844415    1.27

Gilbert, W.S.
The Gondoliers (illustrated by Russell Flint)
v1844409     1.27

Gilbert, W.S.
The Mikado (illustrated by Russell Flint)
v1844496    1.27

Gilbert, W.S.
Ruddigore (illustrated by Russell Flint)
v1844533     1.27

Gilbert, W.S.
Princess Ida (illustrated by Russell Flint)
v1844527    1.27

Gilbert, W.S.
H.M.S. Pinafore (adapted from Gilbert and Sullivan by Opal Wheeler /illustrated by Fritz Kredel)
v1845225     1.25

Gilbert, W.S.
The Story of H.M.S. Pinafore (illust: Alice B. Woodward)
y6015422     1.25

Gilbert, W.S.
The Yeomen of the Guard (illust: R. Flint & C.E. Brock)
x3456342    1.27

Gilbert, W.S.
The Story of The Mikado (illust: Russel Flint & C.E.Brock)
x9054799    1.27

Gilbert, W.S.
The Story of The Mikado (illustrated by Alice B. Woodward)
w3036300     1.25

Gilbert, W.S.  The Immortal G & S Operas,
4 Volumes (intro: H Lytton) Vol. I: x5135934
Vol II: x5133940
Vol III: x5135957
Vol IV: x5135963    1.33

Gilbert, W.S.
The lost stories of W.S. Gilbert / illustrated by “Bab” /selected and introduced by Peter Haining
0860513378     3.3

Gilbert, W.S.
Plays by W.S. Gilbert
Edited with an introduction and notes by George Rowell
0521280567     3.4

Gilbert, W.S.
The complete Savoy Operas (Folio Society)
Vol. I: q7703093.
Vol. II: q7703561    1.22

Gilbert, W.S.
The complete annotated Gilbert & Sullivan: introduced and edited by Ian Bradley
019816503x    1.21

Gilbert, W.S.
The annotated Gilbert and Sullivan: introduced and edited by Ian Bradley
See entry under Bradley Ian Gilbert, W.S.     1.21

Gilbert, W.S.
Ought we to visit her?
M0045874CL     3.4

Gilbert, W.S.
Foggerty’s Fairy: and other tales 3.3

Gilbert, W.S.
The Triumph of vice: and other stories. Curated by Andrew Crowther
9781847497543    3.3

Gilbert, W.S. & Cellier Alfred (libretto)
The Mountebanks
v1844987    3.5

Gilbert, W.S. and Clay, Frederic
Princess Toto (Vocal Score)    3.5

Gilbert, W.S. and Osmund Carr, F.
His Excellency (Vocal Score)    3.5

Gilbert, W.S and Osmund Carr, F.
His Excellency (Piano Score)    3.5

Gilbert, W.S. and German, Edward
Fallen Fairies – or The Wicked World (Vocal Score)   3.5

Gilbert, W.S. & Sullivan, A.
Songs of Two Savoyards
x788195x     1.22

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
Trial by Jury
x2682506     1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
The Sorcerer
v1844875     1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
H.M.S. Pinafore
x3567960    1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
The Pirates of Penzance
v1844763    1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
x2682386     1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
v1844852     1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
Princes Ida
v184477x     1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
The Mikado
x5797925    1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
v1844869     1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
The Yeomen of the Guard
v1844898     1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
The Gondoliers
x5132479    1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
Utopia Limited
x3567925    1.24

Gilbert, W.S. (libretto)
The Grand Duke
v1844575    1.24

Gilbert, W.S (libretto – new edition)
The Grand Duke: (ed) John Wolfson
9780359094233     1.24

Godwin, A.H.
Gilbert and Sullivan
w3040313    1.8

Goldberg, Isaac
The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan
x8318523    1.8

Golding, Vic
Jilted, and, Trial with a twist     1.33

Goodman, Andrew
Gilbert and Sullivan’s London
0946771316     5.1

Goodman, Andrew
Gilbert and Sullivan’s London (pbk ed.)
0571200168     5.1

Goodman, Andrew
Gilbert and Sullivan at law
0838631797    1.9

Gordon, JM.
The memoirs of JM Gordon, 1856-1944 Introduced by Elizabeth Benney
9780955859144    1.61

Goron, Michael
Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Respectable Capers’: class, respectability and the Savoy Operas, 1877-1909.
9781137594778    1.42

Green, Martyn
Martyn Green’s Treasury of Gilbert and Sullivan
61012868     1.33

Green, Martyn
Here’s a How-De-Do
b5216609     1.61

Grossmith, George
A Society Clown (2 copies)
v1844295    1.61

Grossmith, George
Musical sketches of George Grossmith
M0045893CL     1.33

Grundy, Sydney (libretto)
Haddon Hall
v184470     4.2

Guthrie, Tyrone
A life in the theatre   1.71

Hamilton, Cosmo
Discord and Harmony
v1845113   5.3

Hardwick, Michael
The Osprey Guide to Gilbert and Sullivan
0850451000   1.1

Harman, Lindsay
A comic-opera life     1.61

Harris, P.
The Young Gilbert and Sullivan
b6505647     1.26

Hayes, W. Scott and Hayes, Scott M.
“Your affectionate A”: a collection of Sir Arthur Sullivan’s letters to his family
9780993299308     2.3

Hayter, Charles
Gilbert and Sullivan (Modern Dramatists series)
0333407598     1.9

Hewitt, T.
The School Gilbert and Sullivan
0284985406     1.26

Hibbert, Christopher
Gilbert & Sullivan and their Victorian world.
339118306    1.1

Hollingshead, John
Good Old Gaiety
x3656391     5.3

Hood, Basil (libretto)
The Emerald Isle
v1844734    4.2

Hood, Basil (libretto)
The Rose of Persia
v1844970     4.2

Hughes, Gervase
The Music of Arthur Sullivan
b6002038     4.1

Hyman, Alan
Sullivan and His Satellites
0903443244    5.3

International Gilbert & Sullivan Association
Papers, presentations and patter: a Savoyards’ Symposium
(The International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival,
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) ed. MacPhail, Ralph Jr.
9781105200540    6.4

Jacobs, Arthur
Gilbert and Sullivan
b5201137    1.1

Jacobs, Arthur
Arthur Sullivan: A Victorian Musician
0193154439    2.3

James, Dr Alan
Gilbert and Sullivan
0711916276    1.1

Jefferson, Alan
The Complete Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Guide
Webb & Bower Exeter England 1984 
ISBN 0 86350 000 3     1.1

Jones, Brian
Lytton: Gilbert & Sullivan’s Jester.
1412054826     1.61

Jones, Brian
Helen D’Oyly Carte, Gilbert & Sullivan’s 4th partner
0956839401    2.4

Jones, John Bush
W.S. Gilbert: A Century of Scholarship
0814704646    1.9

Joseph, Tony
George Grossmith: Biography of a Savoyard
0950799203    1.61

Joseph, Tony
The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company 1875-1982
0950799211    1.42

Joseph, Tony
Frederick Neebe: Theatre Manager
0950799238     1.61

Joseph, Tony
Charles Goulding: Bristol Tenor
0950799246    1.61

Joseph, Tony
Evelyn Gardiner: Flying opera singer
0950799262    1.61

Joseph, Tony
Aileen Davies: 1920s soubrette
0950799254     1.61

Joseph, Tony
Emmie Owen and Florence Perry: “Maidenly Perfection”
0950799270     1.61

Joseph, Tony
Leonard Osborn:  dauntless he..
0950799289    1.61

Joseph, Tony
Linda Anne Hutchison: enchantment surely
0956633501     1.61

Joseph, Tony
Fred Billington: a large meat eater
0950799297    1.61

Joseph, Tony
May Fortescue: “substantial damages”.
9780956633514    1.61

Kehoe, Elizabeth
Queen of the Savoy
The Extraordinary Life of Helen D’Oyly Carte 1852-1913
9781914414183     2.4

Kesselman, Bryan
The time traveller: a comic opera in one act.
Music by Bryan Kesselman, lyrics by Philip Barnett.    1.33

Kesselman, Bryan
Paddington Pollaky – Private Detective
The History Press 2015
ISBN 978 0 7509 5974 2   5.2

Kline, Peter
Gilbert and Sullivan production (The theatre student)
823902528     1.71

Lamb, Andrew
150 years of popular musical theatre
9780300075380     1.1

Lambton, Gervase
Gilbertian Characters
v1844378    1.9

Lawrence, Arthur
Sir Arthur Sullivan, Life Story, Letters and Reminiscences
x9172406     2.3

Lawson, Winifred
A Song to Sing-O!
b5512854     1.61

Lehman, R.C.
Memories of Half a Century
y7287128    5.3

Leicester Gilbert & Sullivan Operatic Society
Iolanthe, or, The Peer and the peri.
Little Theatre Leicester 50th anniversary year souvenir programme    1.59

Leigh, Mike
0571202063     1.25

Lloyd, Frederic & Wilson, Robin
Gilbert and Sullivan: The D’Oyly Carte Years
0394541138     1.43

Lytton, Henry
The Secrets of a Savoyard
x7004780    1.61

Lytton, Henry
A Wandering Minstrel
34005006     1.61

MacGeorge, Ethel with Bond, Jessie
The Life and Reminiscences of Jessie Bond
V1844154    1.61

Mackie, David
Arthur Sullivan and the Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain.
M0071781CL     2.3

Mackie, David
Nothing like work, or, Right in the D’Oyly Carte: a memoir of the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company in its final years 1975-1982
9781786233165    1.61

Mackie, David
A Bit More Like Work, or, Life after D’Oyly Carte: a memoir of the years 1982-2020
9781839754944    1.61

Magor, Cliff & Edna
The Song of a Merryman (Ivan Menzies) Springfield
0901269182    1.61

Mander, R. & Mitchenson, J.
A Picture History of Gilbert and Sullivan
b6217364    1.43

Mears, S.
Performing Sullivan’s Ivanhoe
v1845254     4.2

Mendelssohn, Michele
Making Oscar Wilde
9780198802365     1.9

Milman, Dean H. H.
The Martyr of Antioch (text edited by W.S. Gilbert)
x3313018     3.3

Milnes, Martin
Wild Card: How I learned to be a friend, have a friend and finally love my birthday
9781916197725    1.63

Mobbs, Kenneth and Rowell, George
Engaged or Cheviot’s Choice (Vocal Score)     1.33

Mobbs, Kenneth and Rowell, George
Engaged or Cheviot’s Choice (Piano Selection with Lyrics)     1.33

Moore, Frank Ledlie (compiler)
A Handbook of Gilbert and Sullivan: A guide to the most famous operettas in the world
b6217363     1.1

Moore, Richard
W.S. Gilbert and the Context of Comedy: the progress of fun.
(Routledge studies in nineteenth century literature)
9781138311084    1.9

Moore, Richard
Genres and provenance in the comedy of W.S. Gilbert:
pipes and tabors.
(Routledge studies in nineteenth century literature)
9780367366216   1.9

Moore, Richard
A Pleasant Institution: Comedy in the Works of W.S. Gilbert
9781916495890     1.9

Morrell, Roberta
Kenneth Sandford: Merely Corroborative Detail
0953733203    1.61

Morell, Roberta
D’Oyly Carte: the inside story
9781785893803     1.42

Morell, Roberta
D’Oyly Carte: Inside Out
9781838594817     1.42

Morell, Roberta and Steadman, David
D’Oyly Carte Through the Lens. A snapshot of an iconic opera company
9781803130545    1.42

Morey, Cynthia
Inclined to dance and sing: a D’Oyly Carte Journal of the 1950’s
1902320034    1.61

Morey, Cynthia
A set of curious chances
1902320255    1.61

Muller, J.
The Theatrical Works of W.S. Gilbert
v1845248    3.4

O’Brien, Christopher (Ed.)
Savoy curtain-raisers (Musica Britannica Vol. XCIX)   5.3

Oost, Regina
Gilbert & Sullivan:  class and the Savoy tradition
0754664120    1.9

Orel, Harold (Ed.)
Gilbert and Sullivan: interviews and recollections
033357012x    1.9

Osmund, Carr, F
His Excellency (Vocal Score)  3.5

Pearson, Hesketh
Gilbert, His Life and Strife
b5716504    2.2

Pearson, Hesketh
Gilbert and Sullivan
x606649x    2.1

Pinero, A.
The Beauty Stone (with Sullivan, A. & Carr,C.)
x35661420    4.2

Polyanovskaya, Yana
The Savoy-opera of Gilbert and Sullivan: Abstract of PhD thesis - The Russian National Institute of the Art History    1.9

Powlesland, Eddie
The history of Godalming Operatic Society
9781480235878    1.59

Randegger, Alberto
Singing Novello, ewer and Co, London 1879
Facsimile by Forgotten Books 2012    1.74

Reed, John
Nothing whatever to grumble at: his story.
1425702562    1.61

Rees, Terence
b6423460    1.23

Rees, Terence
Thespis (2003)
b6423460     1.23

Richardson, Elaine
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Ainger, MichaelGilbert and Sullivan: a dual biography 195147693
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