For each score or libretto listed below, the list includes shelf number, author, title and ISBN.

6 BBC A G. & S. Cocktail (vocal score) v1845722

145 Burnard,
Cox and Box x3296107

144 Carr, C. The Beauty Stone (with Sullivan, A. & Pinero, A.) x3561420

3 23 Cellier, Alfred
The Mountebanks x2614516

184 Cellier, Alfred &
Gilbert, W.S.
The Mountebanks v1844987

24 Compton, V. Scenes & Songs from the Savoy Operas v18443384

6 Finck, Herman &
Wylie, Lauri
A “G.&S. “ Cocktail (vocal score) v1845722

186 Finck, Herman & Wylie, Lauri
A “G.&S.” Cocktail (libretto) v1844651

259 Gilbert, W.S. Foggerty’s Fairy : and other tales

46 Gilbert, W.S. The Savoy Operas (+ 2 vol. set: V.I /b6215903, V II/b6306013) 0333069013

47 Gilbert, W.S. Original Plays, 1st Series v1844993

48 Gilbert, W.S. Original Plays, 2nd Series v1845001

549 Gilbert, W.S. Original Plays, 3rd Series v1845018

50 Gilbert, W.S. Original Plays, 4th Series (2 copies) v1845099

51 Gilbert, W.S. The Bab Ballads y7892438

38 Gilbert, W.S. The Bab Ballads (edited by James Ellis) 0674058003

53 Gilbert, W.S. More Bab Ballads v1844504
54 Gilbert, W.S. Fifty Bab Ballads v1844289
55 Gilbert, W.S. Lost Bab Ballads (edited by Townley Searle) x5148701
222 Gilbert, W.S. Ought we to visit her? M0045874CL
56 Gilbert, W.S. Songs of a Savoyard 027023197
57 Gilbert, W.S. His Excellency v1845739
58 Gilbert, W.S. A Colossal Idea (edited by Townley Searle) v1844272
59 Gilbert, W.S.
Trial by Jury x2682506
60 Gilbert, W.S.
The Sorcerer v1844875
61 Gilbert, W.S.
HMS Pinafore x3567960
62 Gilbert, W.S.
The Pirates of Penzance v1844763
63 Gilbert, W.S.
Patience x2682386
64 Gilbert, W.S.
Iolanthe v1844852
65 Gilbert, W.S.
Princes Ida v184477x
66 Gilbert, W.S.
The Mikado x5797925
67 Gilbert, W.S.
Ruddigore v1844869
68 Gilbert, W.S.
The Yeomen of the Guard v1844898
69 Gilbert, W.S.
The Gondoliers x5132479
70 Gilbert, W.S.
Utopia Limited x3567925
71 Gilbert, W.S.
The Grand Duke v1844575
184 Gilbert, W.S. &
Cellier Alfred
The Mountebanks v1844987
72 Gilbert, W.S. Fifty Bab Ballads (illustrated edition) x5547973
73 Gilbert, W.S. Patience (illustrated by Russell Flint) v1844622
74 Gilbert, W.S. Iolanthe (illustrated by Russell Flint) v1844415
75 Gilbert, W.S. The Gondoliers (illustrated by Russell Flint) v1844409
76 Gilbert, W.S. Ruddigore (illustrated by Russell Flint) v1844533
77 Gilbert, W.S. Princess Ida (illustrated by Russell Flint) v1844527
183 Gilbert,. W.S. The Mikado (illustrated by Russell Flint) v1844496
78 Gilbert, W.S. HMS Pinafore (adapted from Gilbert and Sullivan by Opal Wheeler /
illustrated by Fritz Kredel)
79 Gilbert, W.S. The Story of HMS Pinafore (illust: Alice B. Woodward) y6015422
80 Gilbert, W.S. The Yeomen of the Guard (illust: R. Flint & C.E. Brock) x3456342
81 Gilbert, W.S. The Story of the Mikado (illust: Russel Flint & C.E.Brock) x9054799
82 Gilbert, W.S. The Story of the Mikado (illustrated by Alice B. Woodward) w3036300
83 Gilbert, W.S. The Immortal G & S Operas, 4 Volumes (intro: H Lytton) Vol. I: x5135934
Vol II: x5133940
Vol III: x5135957
Vol IV: x5135963
181 Gilbert, W.S. The lost stories of W.S. Gilbert / illustrated by “Bab” /
selected and introduced by Peter Haining 0860513378
182 Gilbert, W.S. Plays by W.S. Gilbert / edited with an introduction and notes by George
187 Gilbert, W.S. The complete Savoy Operas (Folio Society) Vol. I: q7703093.
Vol. II: q7703561
193 Gilbert, W.S. The complete annotated Gilbert & Sullivan: introduced and edited by Ian
194 Gilbert, W.S. The annotated Gilbert and Sullivan: introduced and edited by Ian Bradley Vol. I/0140708480
238 Gilbert, W. S. The complete Gilbert & Sullivan. Ed. By Ed Glinert with a preface by
Mike Leigh.
91 Grundy, Sydney
Haddon Hall v184470
130 Sturgis, Julian
Ivanhoe v1844881
131 Sullivan, Arthur
Trial by Jury v1845691
132 Sullivan, Arthur
The Sorcerer x0372457
226 Sullivan, Arthur
The Sorcerer (revised edition, 2003) M0038734CL
133 Sullivan, Arthur
HMS Pinafore v1845461
x774297x (2)
134 Sullivan, Arthur
The Pirates of Penzance v184535x
v1845610 (+2copies)
135 Sullivan, Arthur
Patience x7743218
136 Sullivan, Arthur
Iolanthe v1845136
137 Sullivan, Arthur
Princess Ida x0383998
138 Sullivan, Arthur
The Mikado v1845573
180 Sullivan, Arthur
The Mikado (facsimile edition) 0576281018
139 Sullivan, Arthur
Ruddigore x0350444
140 Sullivan, Arthur
The Yeoman of the Guard x6565329 x7743454
141 Sullivan, Arthur
The Gondoliers v1845231
142 Sullivan, Arthur
Utopia Limited v1845337(2 copies)
143 Sullivan, Arthur
The Grand Duke x0380209
144 Sullivan, Arthur
The Beauty Stone (with Pinero, A. & Carr, C.) x3561420
145 Sullivan, Arthur
Cox and Box x3296107
146 Sullivan, Arthur
Festival Te Deum v1845219
118 Sullivan, Arthur
The Martyr of Antioch x3313018
148 Sullivan, Arthur
The Emerald Isle x3300292
149 Sullivan, Arthur
Haddon Hall v1845455
150 Sullivan, Arthur
Ivanhoe x037803x
151 Sullivan, Arthur
The Rose of Persia x3296768
152 Sullivan, Arthur
The Light of the World x3312875
192 Sullivan, Arthur
The Contrabandista x7743098

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